Guest Service at events & what it looks like Post COVID

What does the New normal look like for Guest service at wedding and events,Post Covid?

There has been much assumption about what the entertainment world might look like after the pandemic.

The media has blown up. It has imposed fear and the uneasy feeling of a contactless society. Something that I would like to think is inconsiderable.

Humanity relies on the contact of peers, however our ideologies may need to change to an extent of social distancing and future measures in how we go about events and entertainment post pandemic.

So this Post Covid view is from a perspective that a industry insider might purpose. Running a service based business which is all hands on deck as well as contact between guest and service provider to be precise is the very topic in which we need to address.

The service industry is all about guest experience. What would guest experience look like post Covid. Some may argue the extent that technology may rule us all.

I believe quite the contrary. Guest service enhances the experience of cuisine. If the waitron sings so does the cuisine. If the waitress dances so will the meal.  I look to guest service as a methodical and precise reenactment from the chef. It is the colourful journey in which the chef decides to take his/her guests on. It is our responsibility as waiters and waitrons to guide that journey.

So how do I purpose we go about guest service? After some food for thought; guest service will become imperative;  professional guest service even more so than before. Help yourself wont be a likely option. You will start to notice that menus will need to change accordingly. Suppose the harvest table or finger foods might need to be plated creatively. Canape’ Boards may take the shape of individual finger bowls. Expect to see waitrons and waitresses wearing visors and white cotton gloves being changed between every course.

The methodical execution of waitron and waitress will be so precise that food will be carried out and cleared with grace. Stations will be set up throughout the kitchen where front of house staff will only collect and drop . Catering staff will take all the extra precautions when plating and creating.

While we wait for restrictions to ease up the likely hood of packed picnic baskets might show up at your car while you watch your friends get married from a distance. Smaller functions may opt for a waiter per guest with butler style service and menus becoming more ornate. Your bigger events might look like a drive in and dine. There is something quite exciting that will start to take shape.

It is my promise as a service provider to deliver on guest service. We will re-open with more experience into health and safety and the celebration will continue. – Nicky Cawood ; Owner at Service Excellence




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