A Cultural Love Affair

Ever wondered what it must be like on the other side? Cultural diversity aligns so deeply with the very essence of our brand identity .

From travelling the Americas, Bahamas, and Europe onboard a private motor yacht for the last 6 years one is exposed to an enormity of cultural diversity. Every family that comes on-board has his or her preferences. It has become a personal passion of mine to deeply understand different cultural traditions….

If I were to tell you every cultural preference that I learned to understand I would be writing a-book as my finger tick tacks over  my key board with the wealth of knowledge that I have gained through extensive travel. The beauty of it all gives me an abundance of knowledge in understanding a cultural love affair and how at each event we allow individual preference and culture to be understood. 

We at Service Excellence embrace the abundance and wealth of cultural diversity. We are trained and taught about traditions, different religions and how different cultures interact. 

South Africa has a deep engrained tradition and cultural diversity. It is our responsibility as service providers in the hospitality to respect each and every culture as if it were our own. Our company dominates this space and delivers on its promise.  


With that I will leave you to ponder the space …. the excitement of diversity.. I may even share a novel with you one day . This is a cultural love affair and our company embraces it.



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