Another Lock down !! How to deal with the backlog….

What are the odds the continuous unknown with no warning from our government seems to transgress with a heavy weight on all us industry players. The thought of dealing with yet another postponements makes my stomach tighten. The thought of not being able to pay staff when we just have another complete shut down.

If I have learnt anything from 2020 and this pandemic its to keep dominating the space. Keep self improving and so the business will too. If we look on the other side of the coin, 3 weeks gives us a lot of time to get things done that we may not have done.

The reality of it all, is this creates a massive back log in the events industry. We have to make up for lost time. We have to optimise our resources and establish new ways of pivoting through all of this. There is no time for negativity anymore.

If you look at the past and the great economic depressions that have unfolded there have been some who have done even better than before in economical hardships. One has to absolutely stop self sabotage and think about ways in which to be ready to raise it up a notch when the industry re opens. Things need to be done better than before. Optimise your teams, clean up your structures and make that cog spin ten times harder than it did before.

The question we need to ask ourselves is how will we transgress through another diabolic period of no current work. How do you make scalability your top priority? Use this time to plan for that back log. Predict the back log because events will continue and brides will still get married. Don’t be pessimistic about wether events will happen; they will. The industry will come back its just how we plan to come back.

Keep on striving for the bigger picture. When a situation is out of your control, only try and control the things you can control.