Don’t Stick your head in the sand!!

There has never been a better time than now to stand out in your industry!

An common reaction for many businesses, especially the ones I work is to do the proverbial Ostrich head in the sand move when the reality is that this is not the time to go under ground.. Its is so important for small businesses and event industry players to stand tall and market themselves through these trying time. Companies now more than ever need to have their voices heard.

With the pandemic in South Africa being a constant uncertainty and with further restrictions constantly looming it is easy to become invisible and disheartened.

I try to live by my own advice and that’s to make this lock down a productive use of my time, be it planning, innovating, training or marketing I’m using this time wisely. Whatever you do make sure you are constantly talking about your company and service offering to your chosen audiences. Use this time to restructure and reinvent. Think about all the times you wish you had more time, well now you do.

Being in the events services business (mostly weddings) we are constantly dealing with postponements which has meant we have had to shift and pivot our business accordingly, if you are also battling with my advice to you is to introduce processes that help you deal with this, this will save you time, money and expensive resources.

Look to diversify your companies marketing if possible. For example take your masks and brand them. Our Service Excellence brand has partnered with De Tiamo to brand our masks. Mask are a great way to advertise because there is no getting away with them. It’s a great place to start.

Blog about important topics that are associated with your industry. Go live on Social Media and speak to your customers; they are probably feeling just as disheartened as you may be.

Get ready for the big rush. Optimise your team capacity make sure that you can fulfil the promises and value adds. If I have learnt anything, its to commit now and figure it out later as to the how … Just get the lead.

Let be constructive in these challenging times so that when industry opens no one can stop us….


x Nicky