Our Top Wedding Catering & Menu Ideas

Congratulations on your engagement! We hope that your wedding day is all you dreamed about and more. If choosing a menu for your big day has you pulling your hair out, we have some wedding catering ideas we think will create lifelong memories.

When it comes to planning your wedding, every aspect is a crucial one. From the décor to the music, the venue and your food choices, these can all make or break your special day. And while all other aspects of planning your wedding are important, when guests are satisfied with your food and drink choices, they tend to enjoy themselves much more. Food definitely makes a statement and is often talked about and remembered long after the event.

Serve Food that Gets your Guests Talking

The cuisine you decide to serve at your wedding has the potential to change your guest’s entire experience and leave them either in awe, or bored and unimpressed. When choosing your wedding catering menu, you want to make your guests feel special. Put some thought into what to serve and create a menu that suits everyone. We’ve put together some catering ideas to help make planning your big day just a little easier.

Fuse Elegance with Nostalgia

Add some playfulness into your menu and let your wedding catering chef breathe new creativity into old favourites. Good old-fashioned comfort foods give us a feel-good sensation and provide pleasure. Whether you reinvent smoked salmon mousse, a chicken and broccoli bake or even put a new twist on a simple roast…..those kitschy favourites have the potential to become elegant cuisine.

Treat your Guests to Fine Dining Experiences

Make your guests feel extra special by treating them to a sit-down and fully-fledged 3 or five course meal that will have them feeling totally satisfied. Combine textures, flavours and colours that will surprise and delight them before they even start eating. We understand that this may not be everyone’s wedding vibe but it will make you and your guests feel important.

For your appetizers, why not choose our roaming canapés? These bite-sized decorative nibbles have become a very popular choice at many weddings. Choose from mini Moroccan lamb pita pockets, pulled pork tacos, oxtail samosas served with tzatziki and more. Delight taste palates with starters that range from Caprese salad to seasonal soup.

How does red wine braised pork belly sound for mains? Or how about lamb shank on mashed potatoes with honey glazed carrots and seasonal veggies?  All of them are truly as mouth-watering as they sound. Desserts can include layered chocolate panna cotta with roasted almond, or a lemon cheese cake served with berry reduction and honey.

You will win over your guests no matter what you choose. The great thing about a plated, multi-course meal is that it gives you and your guests more time to relax, enjoy your meal and talk all in one place.

Go the Buffet Route

Many people love variety when it comes to food and going the buffet route provides just that. You can still serve up a creative, exciting and innovative menu that is less costly than a plated meal.

Our buffet wedding menu options are to die for. Think about this…. Beef skillets served with mushrooms sauce or chicmichuri. Or how about herb-infused lamb curry, or slow cooked pork belly served with red wine jus? There are starches and salads to choose from that include creamy mash, savoury couscous, roasted Mediterranean veg, seasonal salad and more.

The great thing about a buffet is that the diverse options allow your guests to build their own plates. They also make it easier for kids and people with dietary restrictions to find something that they can enjoy. The casual ambiance around a buffet gives guests that may not know each other, the chance to informally mix and mingle and get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere.

Opt for Vegan Fare

Vegan options in wedding menus are common and becoming the norm but recently, we’ve seen more and more couples opt for an entirely vegan menu. Vegan menus needn’t be drab and boring. There are dishes that are so creative and delicious that you won’t even miss the meat.

Plant-based options can be just as delicious and versatile enough to craft up some tasty flavours that will impress all taste palates. Our vegan menu includes canapés and mains made using only the freshest ingredients. We can mix up and customise a menu that everyone can enjoy. Whether you choose a plated menu or buffet style, we can cater for your entire vegan fare.


Get Artful & Edgy

If you and your partner feel the need to get creative and adventurous with your wedding food, why not choose a more modern menu. Say adios to rubbery grilled chicken, deviled eggs and mac and cheese and say hello to grilled sesame crusted salmon with a summer salad and tartar sauce.

For a more relaxed vibe, why not choose our gorgeous harvest walls? Wondering what that is? They are charcuterie boards with a variety of local cheeses, freshly baked breads, cured meats and balsamic and olive oil dressing. Yes, they are great for corporate events and private parties but who says you can’t use them for appetizers or even the main course at your wedding?

Our expert chef can help you choose the best combinations and flavour pair-ups and our event planner can assist you in deciding how many boards to have and where to place them. They are great for intimate weddings and will no-doubt impress your guests and leave them feeling cosy.

These beautiful to look at boards can be customised and designed to match the style of your wedding. Charcuterie boards offer a unique food display option and definitely add a pop of colour to your wedding spread. An added bonus is that many of them complement almost any type of wedding décor.

Delight with Signature Cocktail Experiences

The toast at your wedding would not be the same without a drink in your hand. Whether it’s a cocktail or mocktail, drinks are the fun part of the festivities. You can put your own spin on classic cocktail favourites and give your guests a sensory experience they won’t forget.

Whether you’re having an indoor or outdoor wedding, the cocktails can set the tone as much as your food or décor. Cocktails are especially great for a summer wedding as they capture those summer flavours and feelings. Pro tip: You don’t have to just choose one flavour. Combine you and your spouse’s tastes and give your creations a fun name. Talk to us about what you have in mind, we will be happy to help and give advice and suggestions.


Make a Fun Statement with a Champagne Tower

Champagne is an essential part of any wedding and popping a bottle represents a fresh start. Champagne towers don’t show signs of going out of style anytime soon. They make for great wedding photo opportunities and can be placed at the entrance to your wedding reception venue. They are visually stunning and a sure-fire way to create a spectacle.

Get Mouths Watering with Dessert Tables

Dessert tables are one of the highlights of a wedding. Who doesn’t love a little something sweet? Showcase your sweet wedding cuisine on a dessert table that will have your guests gathering around it to mingle and enjoy the festivities. They serve as the perfect finishing touch to any wedding celebration and double as a backdrop for photos. Whether you decide to keep it simple and elegant or go over the top and extravagant, a dessert table is truly for fans of sweet treats.

Fill your table with a variety of desserts that range from layered chocolate panna cotta with roasted almond snaps, to chocolate brownies served with vanilla cream & berry reduction. Whatever you choose, it will be the sweetest end to an unforgettable day.

Need more inspirational wedding catering ideas? The team at Service Excellence can help. From starters to dessert, we serve up cuisine that will make your special day one that will be remembered. Get in touch with us to find out just how we can make your wedding food experience a delightful and truly tasty one.